Awards Rotionale

The purpose of the awards is to celebrate the Ghanaian radio and TV fanbase communities! The Award scheme is a platform to recognize and appreciate fans or fans who assist in growing the brands of radio and TV stations in Ghana. The nominees under some categories are fanbase communities or groups for radio and TV programs that have done extraordinary things, whether it be calling in during on air programs, or promoting the various on air programs via social media or forming groups on campus etc.


These awards are fun awards to hand down, mostly because in the vast Radio and TV awards ecosystem that is in existence, a few of them recognize the fans even though they’re often responsible for voting on said awards! Other categories will recognize Ghanaian radio and TV brands that have won the hearts of the most number of fans.


To celebrate the support of fanbase and followers of the stations and accomplishments of the various Radio and Tv Stations in the country.


The award scheme offers a platform for all fanbase of the various radio and TV stations in the country the opportunity to be recognized for their continuous support and love for these stations.

Awards schemes have always been glamorous events which boost visibility and promotion of brands associated with such events. Award events provide the platform for organisations and institutions to partake and be a part of the growing audience and market which helps to boost their confidence, presence and products.

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